Why Is My Dryer Making Noise?

A noisy dryer can be very annoying, and the problem should be addressed right away in order to avoid possible damage to your machine. In this article I will explain what to check for if your dryer is making noise. This troubleshooting can be done by you, and the repairs are simple enough to do yourself as well. Just remember to always unplug your dryer from the wall before you start. So, hopefully this article will help you solve your problem without having to cash out for a repairman.

The most common cause of a noisy dryer is because the wheels/rollers need replacing. Some dryers have a pair of rollers which the drum sits upon for support. When they get old and worn out they make one heck of a racket. If you inspect your machine and notice they are worn out, it is a good idea to replace them both at the same time. Another reason why your dryer could be making noise is due to a broken or damaged belt. A damaged belt can make a sort of slapping sound on the drum when it is in cycle. If your belt is broken or damaged it would be advisable to replace that as well lg dryer repair los angeles.

There are a few other things you can check if your dryer is making noise after checking the rollers and belt. Remove the lint filter from your machine, and shine a flashlight into the lint filter holder. Sometimes spare change or other objects can fall down into the drum, causing noise.

If you don’t notice anything in the lint filter holder, it’s time to check the blower wheel. Now the blower wheel is constantly turning, and lint blows by it all the time. An excess of lint buildup in the blower wheel could be causing your dryer to make noise. Remove any lint from inside and around the wheel, also you should check to see if it is worn out. If it is, you should replace it.

Two more things to check before calling a serviceman: the bearings and the drum glides. Some dryer drums are supported using a spindle in the middle and either a ball-bearing, or shaft in sleeve type of bearing. When the bearings get old and worn out they can make a loud squeaking or rubbing sound. If they are damaged or worn out you should replace them. Lastly you can check the dryer drum glides, which are located in the front of the drum (on most dryers, at least.) When the glides get old and worn out they can also make loud noise, which is a sign you should replace them as a set.

If none of these tips helped solve your problem of a noisy dryer, you should call a parts dealer or service technician for more troubleshooting. But hopefully this article has helped you find out why your dryer was making noise!

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