Top 6 Tips When Buying a New Fridge

Whether you’re buying a new fridge because the family’s outgrown the old one or your existing one has just plain conked out, take the time to consider these points before taking the plunge.

Measurements – Measure the dimensions of your existing fridge space. There’s no point buying a new fridge if you have to remodel the kitchen. Most modern kitchens have been designed with a specific model in mind so take this into account before falling in love with the latest two door side by side unit when your space only allows for a basic upright.

Power Usage – Think about the environment and future power bills samsung refrigerator repair los angeles. Check the energy efficiency and star rating. While the initial investment of a unit with a good energy star rating may be higher it will pay for itself in the long run with reduced power bills.

Grab a bargain – Retailers will regularly want to clear their stock at certain times of the year so check out the seasonal sales, end of financial year and Christmas bargains. If you prefer to shop from home there are great websites for home appliances on line that are able to sell their whitegoods at reduced rates due to less overheads. Most offer free delivery within the metropolitan area.

Decide what’s right – Look at your options for fridges with freezers. If you have an existing stand alone freezer maybe you can do with a stand alone fridge. The upside down fridge freezer is another interesting concept as it puts the food you need accesses to the most at eye level and within easy reach.

The basics – Water dispensers and ice maker units can be a real bonus in hot climates but if the fridge is big enough you might be better off keeping cold water in a jug and making your own ice in trays in the freezer.

Fridges with temperature and defrost controls make it easier to control the unit, especially if you live in a high humidity area.

Maintenance – How easy will it be to clean? Most new fridges are self defrosting but keep in mind while the outside surface might look fantastic in the showroom it is not going to stay that way, especially if you have kids.

If your old unit is still working think twice about using it as a bar fridge in the shed. Older units use a lot of energy and if there is little else inside except for a dozen beer bottles it will hardly be worth the running costs. Think about proper disposal if it is beyond repair or resale.

The more information you have at your fingertips, such as dimensions, style and price range the easier the choices when you have a selection of fridges in front of you. Whether buying on line or in store make sure you have checked out all the features before committing the deal.


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