Indoor Clothes – Dryers and Airers

Drying your clothes outdoors is great in summer, but for delicate clothes and on those days when the rain won’t let up, an indoor clothes dryer becomes a necessity. Depending on your needs and the amount of washing that you need to do, you will find that there are numerous designs and models to choose from.

How do you choose the right indoor clothes airer for you?

1. First you’ll want to access how much space you have and how much washing needs to be dried. For smaller families the fold away or wall mounted single or double line may be the ideal solution. The fold away designs are the most commonly used and when researching you should ensure that they are either made with plastic or chrome plating on the bars to ensure that they don’t corrode and damage your clothing lg dryer repair pasadena.

2. For larger families, you may want to consider placing a five line retractable wall mounted design in your basement or garage. It is always important to consider how much air circulation the indoor drying area is going to get and if it is possible to keep windows open or set up a small fan to keep the air circulating.

3. For the elderly or infirm who still need to have their washing hung up, the low level mobile models are best. They have wheels on for easy mobility and can be reached on all levels even from a seating position.

If your only need is to hang a few shirts or items that will dry well on a coat hanger, then you could easily use a clothes rack for that purpose. They stack away quickly and easily and are extremely affordable.

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