Big Savings With Dryer Vent Cleaning

Nothing compares to the comforting embrace of a blanket that’s fresh out of the dryer. The dryer sheets provide the perfect smell that engulfs your senses as you wrap yourself in the warmth of the most comfortable blanket on earth.

Happiness is found in the little things of life. The warmth of a blanket, the beauty of a sunrise, and the calming of leaves blowing.

Do interruptions plague your utopia? Does your dryer take twice as long to dry clothes? Are your blankets losing their warm and fuzziness with each load? Something’s wrong!

When a Dryer Vent is Clogged

You may remove the lint from the tray dryer repair pasadena, but there’s more to dryer maintenance than just that. Although you should clean out the lint tray before or after every load, that actually only takes care of one of the problems causing your dryer’s decreased insufficiency. The other problem lies in the effects of a clogged dryer vent.

Over time, lint builds up in the vent, and behind and around the dryer. But cleaning out the vent isn’t the easiest task. In fact, contacting a professional is the most ideal option. An expert will inspect your dryer and properly clean out all debris that is causing the blockage.

The effects of a clogged dryer vent actually surpass being just a clogged vent, but can waste energy and money and cause fires!

Wasting Energy & Money

A clogged dryer vent can waste energy because your dryer has to work much harder to complete tasks it could do much more easily without the buildup. Just like we feel as though everything is far more difficult and time-consuming when we’re sick, our dryer feels the same way when its vent is clogged.

The dryer will actually require more energy to dry your clothes or blankets. Thus what would have used a certain amount of energy has now significantly increased, which also enlarges your monthly energy bill by about $18-24.

Can you imagine wasting nearly $250 a year all because of a clogged dryer vent? Oh, and your dryer won’t last as long if it’s constantly working harder than it should! You don’t have to waste money, just stay alert to how your dryer is functioning.

Signs of a Clogged Dryer Vent

A great way to extend the life of your dryer and prevent all the residual effects of a clogged dryer vent is to maintain the condition of your dryer. Watch out for these signs of a clogged dryer vent:

• Clothes are left Hot and wet after the load has finished
• Dryer is overly hot
• Clothes take much longer to dry
• The lint tray hasn’t trapped any lint

Fire Hazards

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission in 1998, dryers were linked to about 15,600 fires and 20 residual deaths and 370 injuries. Cleaning dryer vents is serious business because when they’re not clean people get hurt and homes get damaged.

Some people may think that these fires happen at Laundromats or schools where there are lots of dryers in the same place, but 80 percent of these fires actually occur in residential areas.

Money isn’t only wasted because of the increase is energy usage, but also because of the fire damages. It’s estimated that $88 million is lost to property damages caused by dryer vent related fires.

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